Wake Forest Deacon Towers_1 Wake Forest Deacon Towers_2
Wake Forest University, Deacon Towers at Groves Stadium
Winston-Salem, NC

The project scope includes 21,000 square feet of slab-on-grade concrete, 100,000 square feet of slab-on-deck concrete, and 375 tons of rebar. Mid-Atlantic Construction installed the complete foundation package, which included grade beams, pile caps, spread footing, and ribbon footings. Over the course of the entire project we will have placed 5,000 cubic yards of concrete (total) and installed 125,000 square feet of formwork.

Mid-Atlantic Construction doubled its manpower and equipment so that all six concrete shafts could be under construction at the same time. Through careful planning and a tireless commitment, Mid-Atlantic Construction manned the project seven days a week, ten hours per day for ten weeks straight. The timeframe was accelerated due to the Demon Deacon's televised football game scheduled for September 8, 2007. The structural framing had to be completed so the electrical team could install the light system according to this deadline.




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